The challenge

Korero was taken on to help AVEVA create and ‘sweat’ campaign assets – primarily creating whitepapers, reports, and blogs and breaking these up into smaller, digestible pieces of content that lead potential customers through their buying journey – from the early stages of awareness and understanding, to consideration and finally to decision making. These assets are used across their global portfolio spanning oil & gas, power, chemicals and marine. The content is also translated into different languages and used as part of regional campaigns.

The approach

We have worked in partnership with AVEVA’s global marketing teams to develop and deliver campaign collateral across their portfolio since 2017. We turn highly complex technical information into informative whitepapers, e-books, blogs and infographics that pack a punch – impressing existing clients while also generating sales leads. We write engaging content for video scripts and case studies, as well as create social media posts and e-mailers to promote each piece of content to key audiences as part of an automated email flow.

The results

The AVEVA campaigns have been very well received and prompted a significant increase in engagement and sales. AVEVA’s global Engineering and Design marketing team won Best Marketing Team 2020 at their recent global awards ceremony and Korero has expanded its remit across AVEVA’s marketing streams due to the campaign’s success

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