Whether you are a business leader who’s up-and-at-‘em  and ready to ‘crush it’ from the first day of January or prefer to ease back into life there is little getting away from the fact that the first month of the year can be both exciting and a little overwhelming.

The opportunities to improve on last year, whether in business or personally, come with an extensive list of steps that need to be taken to avoid good intentions remaining just that.

While thoughts naturally turn to losing a few of the extra pounds gained over the festive period, when it comes to business, it could be time to tone up your marketing and PR too.

Just like those healthy eating and fitness plans you make, promoting your business and connecting with potential customers can also suffer from good weeks… and bad months. Smoothing out the peaks and troughs of activity to deliver a regular drumbeat of meaningful communications will help build sustained engagements and a steady pipeline of leads.

Finding your marketing equivalent of a personal trainer can help make sure you keep on track and achieve your goals faster. Helping to develop a realistic brand-building programme that will resonate with existing and potential clients while pushing the envelope.

It’s important to match your needs with the right type of support so here are five questions every business should ask before appointing external support.

  1. Are we clear on what we want to achieve and who we want to reach, or do we need help to develop that understanding?
  2. Do we have internal marketing and PR understanding, or do we need someone who can guide us through each aspect of the strategy?
  3. How important is it to us that we work with people who are both highly experienced PR and Marketing specialists and understand our sector?
  4. How much time do we have to invest in this? Are we prepared to make time to review content and attend meetings or calls?
  5. Do we need someone who can do it all of us – all the copywriting writing, media liaison and social media posting, or do we need help with certain parts?

By identifying the level of support needed and a high-level understanding of what the  activity needs to achieve, you will be better placed to choose the right PR and marketing partner for your business.

To discuss how Korero PR can support your marketing and PR activity this year get in touch at hello@korero.co.uk

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