Scotland’s tech sector is going from strength to strength and now has the highest number of verified start-ups outside London and the south east of England. Stepping into Korero’s new home in Aberdeen’s ONE Tech Hub, it’s clear to see that the country is on track to become a digital powerhouse.


The pandemic saw a major acceleration of digital adoption both by consumers – downloading health and fitness, convenience shopping, and e-learning apps – and businesses looking to better connect their people and data along with a focus on cyber security. All of this has been enabled by advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing.


Building trust and attracting the attention of investors, customers, and future staff in such a highly competitive environment requires a strong, and consistent brand identity and story. Here we share an overview of the key areas your tech business should be considering when developing your marketing programme.


Attracting investors

While being able to clearly define and articulate your revenue and growth potential, investors are increasingly interested in the people behind the technology.

Writing a succinct and engaging mission statement in two or three sentences and one-minute ‘elevator’ pitch that conveys your three core messages is a great starting point. Make sure these capture your success so far, and potential and create excitement among investors about the people you have on your side.

Creating a memorable look and feel for your brand, along with a consistent tone of voice will help you stand out from the crowd. This should be replicated across all your collateral from your investor presentation to website, business cards and social media content.


Attracting customers

Whether your solution is aimed at consumers or corporates two of the biggest hurdles your business will face is getting people to listen long enough to understand why they should try your platform and then break from their existing habits to try it.

All too often tech companies fall into the trap of focusing on features and benefits and the ‘clever’ tech behind their platform rather than showcasing how it will make improve how people live or work. Taking this approach makes it more difficult for you to distinguish yourself from other players in the market or find a message that resonates with potential users.

When planning your marketing campaign make sure people and their stories are front and centre – highlighting both how your product is helping people and also the people behind the technology. Sharing their stories, testimonials, and case studies is an excellent way of building trust in your platform and converting browsers into buyers.


Attracting staff

Difficulty in recruiting people with the right skill set is likely to be one of the top reasons tech companies fail to scale as quickly as they could.

Developing a strong brand presence on and offline that shares your company’s growth story and generates a buzz around where you are going and the opportunities this means for your people should be a key strand of your activity.

Sharing success and people stories across your social media channels and website builds a compelling opportunity that individuals will want to be part of. Offline, identifying speaking, award, networking, and exhibiting opportunities is an effective way of building those all too important personal connections.


As tech companies look to scale building the strong foundations of a connected brand and marketing strategy will ensure that investors, customers, and future recruits alike can easily understand your offering and want to be part of the journey.


Korero helps tech companies join the dots between their marketing activity, growth ambitions, and customers. Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation call to discover how can help your business at

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