Understanding clients’ challenges, knowing their struggles as well as helping them capitalise on opportunities is a vital part of good agency relationships. For all the PR and marketing expertise an agency can offer, businesses that work with PR consultants want to know that we get them. Agencies that are knowledgeable, flexible, responsive and attentive to their clients, ask themselves not only how they can satisfy a client’s needs, but also where we might fail.

As a client, when you start to ask “What does my agency actually do for me?”, there’s a broken link in the relationship. We’ve stepped into the client’s shoes and asked what five challenges might they face when working with a marketing or PR agency.

1. Finding a long-term partner that puts support first

Like any relationship it’s all positive vibes at the beginning. Clients are showered with attention, and eager to please, your new PR team shows they understand your brand, your goals, and how to deliver them. True value, though, comes when your agency maintains that level of grasp and insight over the months and years, putting equal work into you as they do into shiny new business.

That’s our outlook at Korero – we’re here for the long haul. Like Liam Neeson in the film ‘Taken’, most agencies will offer a “special set of skills”, but how we deliver them consistently, support our clients and stay excited about working with them is what sets us apart.

2. Do they ‘get you’?

You know your brand better than anyone, but a good agency will always do its research, understand what makes you special and communicate it consistently. One of our favourite quotes is “PR is performance recognition” – our job is to take your hard work, your brand, and your beliefs, and communicate them in a way that hits home with your audience.

3. Getting value for your spend

Going into a new relationship with a marketing or PR agency, you’re looking forward to a long, productive partnership that will deliver sustained results. Consistency, quality, and volume of content are key to maximising the success of a campaign and growing your audience. You don’t want activity to drop off – the key to any successful brand building programme is ensuring you have a regular drumbeat of engaging communications. With our knowledge of traditional and digital media, we know how to take your business goals and translate them into sustained campaigns that increase brand awareness, share your story across multiple channels and generate results – all without extortionate costs!

4. Navigating media with the right expertise

Amplifying your message is easier said than done – you need to use the right channels, at the right time to reach the right people. Understand the specialisms your agency can offer, and how they align with your goals. A key challenge many businesses face is turning news stories that feel important to them into a story that will be picked up by press. Korero’s experienced PR professionals offer our clients our expertise in gaining access to relevant media outlets with outstanding copy and effective communication, as well as applying digital marketing expertise to further boost their reach.

5. Making the best use of content

Don’t simply publish your content and wave it goodbye. Make sure to work with your agency to think about how all of your content could work for you in the long-term – optimisation of all of your marketing activity is key. Are blogs optimised to boost your search ranking? Across digital and traditional media, we understand how to review and optimise content so that people continue to see it and engage with it.

Get in touch with Korero today to see how we can support your marketing and PR needs!

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